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Thorian Flomas 11 July 2019 →

Link to the PBS article "How smart is today's artificial intelligence?" doesn't working anymore.

I searched and found this: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/smart-todays-artificial-intelligence-2

Adam Abundis 29 October 2018 →

Thank you for this course. I am slowly jamming all this information in my brain and it is slowly latching into empty pockets in my head. This is at least how I have felt in the last few weeks. The resources and videos on recursion are great. I feel like I understand the concept. And it seems "math" centric to use recursion to aid in a solution. Would you happen to have a real-world example of using recursion that would help someone like me who appreciates math when calculating a tip on a receipt but has not memorized the Fibonacci sequence by heart?

Max Giselson 22 October 2018 →

Im stuck on this part and not entirely sure wether close or not:( I understand the theory but as goes for the maths part I figured i won't make use of it for now anyway, so I just want to proceed - but your given solution does not pass the tests.

What to do?

Amit Shrivastava 18 February 2018 →

This is my second lesson only , but having struggle to learn JS for about 8 months now, if i can learn some thing here , i will buy you a nice vegetable salad

Pavel Perminov 23 August 2017 →

Do I need to develop some "through ass" regex because of JS did not support look behind? Or this exercise is a some kind of feature?

val colier 26 June 2017 →

From quiz:

'Who' to blame?'

Is it correct string literal?

Julia Ayubova 11 June 2017 →

Tell me please, why this solution doesn't work?

const isPrime = (num) => {
  for (let i = 2; i <= num && num%i !== 0; i++) {
     if (i === num) {
    return true;
  return false;

export default isPrime;


 FAIL  __tests__/solution.test.js
  ● prime


    Expected value to be truthy, instead received

      at Object.<anonymous>.test (__tests__/solution.test.js:14:65)