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Basics of Bash

Command line is the first thing every developer faces when they start working on a *nix-based system, for example, Linux or macOS. Command line is an extremely powerful and flexible tool that is truly invaluable today. This course covers the basics of Bash — the most popular Unix shell.


  • 1

    Navigating the file system

    Goal: Learn to move around the file system, list files and quickly go to your home folder.

    theory (03:06)  
  • 2

    Manipulating directories and files

    Goal: Learn how to create files and directories and remove them.

    theory (04:52)   quiz   exercise  
  • 3

    Viewing files

    Goal: Learn to view files in few different ways, view changes in real time and filter data.

    theory (02:12)   quiz  
  • 4

    Redirection and pipes

    Goal: Explore the ways to redirect the result of running a command into a file or vice versa. Also, learn about connecting commands with pipes.

    theory (03:46)   quiz   exercise  
  • 5

    Viewing long files with pagers

    Goal: Learn how to view longer files, move through them, search patterns and more.

    theory (01:57)   quiz  
  • 6

    History and man-pages

    Goal: Quickly access previous commands and get help.

    theory (01:59)   quiz  
  • 7

    Making custom commands with aliases

    Goal: Learn how to create handy shortcuts for commands or combinations of commands.

    theory (01:27)   quiz   exercise  
  • 8

    Environment variables

    Goal: Understand how environment variables work and how to make them useful for you.

    theory (05:13)   quiz  
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  • Challenges

    Some courses include challenge exercises. They will help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen new skill. This particular course doesn't have any, but you can check out challenges from other courses.