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Intro to C programming language

Brian Kernighan, one of the authors of a classic textbook wrote: «C is a razor sharp tool, with which one can create an elegant and efficient program or a bloody mess.» This introductory course is for absolute beginners in programming. It will help you understand the main concepts of the popular programming language.


  • 1

    First program in C

    Goal: Write, compile and run our first program.

    theory (05:56)   exercise  
  • 2

    Variables and loops in C

    Goal: To learn about variables and loops in C and to write a somewhat more useful program.

    theory (09:12)   quiz   exercise  
  • 3

    Float in C

    Goal: To improve our temperature conversion program by using float insted of int.

    theory (05:15)   quiz   exercise  
  • 4

    For loop in C

    Goal: To learn about another type of loops in C and rewrite the temperature conversion program so that it uses for instead of while.

    theory (04:11)   quiz   exercise  
  • 5

    Functions in C

    Goal: To learn about functions, create our own function and call it.

    theory (05:25)   quiz   exercise  
  • 6

    if/else condition

    Goal: Learn about conditions and complete a classical exercise called Fizz-Buzz.

    theory (05:25)   exercise  
  • 7

    Switch instead of if/else

    Goal: To learn to use another method of checking conditions: switch.

    theory (04:49)   exercise  
  • 8

    Arrays in C

    Goal: Explore the data type called "array".

    theory (04:21)  
  • Course completed

  • Challenges

    Some courses include challenge exercises. They will help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen new skill. This particular course doesn't have any, but you can check out challenges from other courses.