What is Hexlet?

Hexlet is a platform for application development exercises. It helps both beginner and advanced developers learn new skills, grow professionally and save time researching new topics. Read more about it here .

How is it different from Codecademy, Codeschool and others?

Many great learning services provide web-based exercises, but most of the time those exercises are done in the sandbox, a simulator. It's great to start learning in a comfortable, safe environment, but the real environment at work is different.

Unlike others, Hexlet provides the real development environment. This allows not only learn in the real world, but also widens the possibilities for learning. Real environment means virtually no limitations: lessons on Hexlet can include interaction with databases, complex frameworks and applications, multiple servers and other sophisticated tools.

Can I use Hexlet for free?

Yes. Our beginner level courses are completely free. Other courses require a subscription fee of $39 (USD) per month.

How do you process payments?

All payments are processed by Stripe.

How do I change my password?

Sign out, then go to password recovery page and enter your email. You will receive a letter with the link. Follow the link to set your new password.

Can I change the speed of video playback?

I have another question

We love questions! Please, drop us a line to support@hexlet.io or via social networks (see footer for all the links).