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Professions at Hexlet

Professions - ready-made training programs that will help you learn the layout and programming from scratch. Each program has courses and up to four projects

After completing the profession, the student is able to program and use the applied technologies of the selected language. This is enough to find a job and become a professional programmer. Hexlet students often find a job after the second project, i.e. after completing half of the profession.

What's in the education program

Professions include up to four modules. Each module is a set of thematic courses and a project.

The course includes theory, tests for consolidating theoretical information and self-testing, as well as practical exercises.

On projects, the students write complete applications, such as an RSS reader or task manager, under the guidance of tutors.

How training is built.

Training in professions is built from general to private. This approach allows Hexlet's student to become a programmer with good basic training who can quickly master any programming language.

At first, a novice programmer studies the fundamental things that every expert should know. For example, they include the ability to work with conditional logic, create and run functions and process data collections.

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Then the student learns applied technologies, for example, learning to customize the environment and work with frameworks and libraries of the selected programming language, to create full frontend and backend applications.

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Each lesson and each exercise can be discussed and questions asked.


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