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Intro to Programming

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What are computers really? Do they speak programming languages? Is it hard to write your own programs? This course answers these and many other questions and explores the nature of computers, code and some fascinating ideas that allowed us to create modern computers, mobile phones, internet and, you know, pretty much everything we rely on every day.

Course updated 23 January 2020



We recommend you to work on these challenges after completing the course. They will help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen new skill.

# Challenge Completion Html
1 Formatted time 94%
2 DNA to RNA 95%
3 Sum of square 96%
4 Angle Difference 91%
5 Perfect numbers 95%
6 Happy ticket 96%
7 Palindrome 87%


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Rakhim Davletkaliyev

Co-founder of Hexlet. Previously — instructor at International IT University, developer (Ericsson Canada, Macadamian Labs).

Course Intro to Programming
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