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About Hexlet

Hexlet aims to bring a new mindset into computer science education. We believe that tools and complicated infrastructure will gradually disappear and computer programming will be available to broader audiences. Our mission — help these audiences learn and appreciate the power of computing and popularize computational thinking.

Is it free?

Most of our courses are free, but some require paid membership.

Who is building it?

We are a remote international team.

Kirill Mokevnin Kirill Mokevnin

CTO. Teacher, author of courses, learning projects and internships. Supervisor of mentors. Writes articles and does webinars. Helps students find jobs.

Alexander Vagin Alexander Vagin

Developer. Hexlet's main programming force. Develops and maintains complex infrastructure of our projects. Helps users solve technical problems.

Artem Arbatskiy Artem Arbatskiy

Marketing specialist. Communicates with our users and manages our social media channels. Promotes and optimizes our content.

Natalia Bass Natalia Bass

QA. Illustrator. Translates tech articles for our blogs. Translates and edits our English courses into Russian.

Rakhim Davletkaliyev Rakhim Davletkaliyev

CEO. Teacher, author of courses. Does customer support, creates web pages and landings. Author of Hexlet Podcast.