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Understand computers. Learn to code.

Computer programming is hard

Computer programming
is pretty difficult

Hexlet courses

Hexlet offers a
different approach

How does it work?

visual, practical, unconventional path

1. Study program

We developed a new study program by combining academic and industrial education processes. This isn't a college. This isn't a bootcamp.

Computer programming study program

Video lessons computer programming

2. Videos

We value visual approach, use of metaphors and humor. Short videos cover theory and prepare for the exercises.

3. Exercises

This is the most important thing: practice your new skills from day one. Not in an emulator, but in the real thing.

Computer programming exercises

4. Quizzes

We don't test your memory, rather, we make sure you can think about new concepts from different points of view.

5. Personal help

Our teachers and mentors answer all your questions and help solve problems while guiding towards the best possible solution.

Questions and answers in computer programming

Points and your profile

6. Earn points and compete

Earn points by learning programming and solving problems. And feel free to show your acomplishments to everybody!

"The more I study, the more confidence I gain about getting into any topic, learn and conquer it without problems."

Dmitriy Startsev

"The most important thing is that Hexlet answers 'why' you need to learn something, and where does it all lead to."

Aleksandr Zhavruk

"This is definitely something different. Changes the way your brain operates!"

Alexander Shakun

"Loved it! These are the best programming courses I've tried so far."

Timur Malikin